About Us

My name is Alex Waterhouse and I'm a climber from the UK. After hanging up my GB climbing vest and retiring from international competition, I'm embarking on a mission to climb some of the greatest rock climbs in the world. GB comp climbers typically self-fund their competition efforts, so last year I designed the Nimbus Shorts as a way of funding my international comps and make the world a little brighter at the same time. The proceeds helped me compete around the world, and I am incredibly grateful to everyone who bought a pair. As I pursue my goals in the outdoor world, I am designing shorts that reflect the beautiful places I get to climb and help you to enjoy the journey with me.

I've been wearing colourful shorts in every competition I've entered for the last half-decade. They help me stand out from the crowd, and remind me to express myself on the wall and have fun doing it. These patterns are my attempt to capture that feeling and give you a little of the same joy I get every time I step onto the competition mats. They're bright, fun and give me a little smile every time I see someone wearing them, and they're also great to climb (or run or swim or relax) in!

I hope you like them, and thank you for the support!